The primary purpose of the internship is to be a learning opportunity through relational ministry to elementary, middle and high school students. This experience provides a chance to gain practical ministry training, work in an atmosphere of personal and professional guidance and support, test their gifts, and develop spiritually and theologically.

Responsible To

The Intern will be directly responsible to the RFBC Minister to Families.


- Growing personal relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ, the body of Christ, and God’s work in the world.
- Spend regular time in personal Bible study/devotional to maintain your own spiritual health outside of ministry.
- 19-years-old or finished first year of college.
- Present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children and youth and encourage them in their Spiritual growth.
- Work with Minister to Families to plan and carry out activities (summer camps, Bible Studies, weekly programs, special events etc…).
- Meet weekly for study, prayer, planning, evaluation and communication.
- Responsible for administrative tasks as needed.
- Create at least 1 event or project that you are responsible for leading.
- Accompany the Minister to Families on some (possibly all) summer camps and trips.
- Support RFBC staff in congregational events and goal achievements.
- There will be required reading for the summer.
- We will discuss aspects of these readings during our weekly staff meetings, so it is expected to keep up with reading.
- Each intern will participate in an evaluation process.
one pre-internship (to set goals for the summer & communicate expectations), one mid-summer, and one exit interview.  
Exit interview will include two other adults along with Family Minister.

Time Commitment and Compensation

The salary for the Family Ministry Intern is 250.00 (before taxes) per week. (approved by finance each year)
Part-time (approx. 30 hours per week). 10 week summer assignment (May-August) with specific dates to be determined.
Hours will include some nights and weekends depending on scheduled activities.


- Promote a deeper relationship with Jesus through modeling and teaching, increasing spiritual maturity of those who are a part of the Family ministry.
- Help parents disciple their children by using God’s Word on a practical level.
- Communicate effectively, as needed and directed, both orally and in writing, to all those connected to the ministry and to the body as a whole.
- Aid the Minister to Families as directed in coordinating ministry programs by helping identify, recruit, train and retain talented people to work as part of the ministry.
- Display good judgment and delegate to the right people the right responsibilities at the right time.
- Personally set an example of loving and serving others while helping provide outreach opportunities to children, youth, their friends, and their families.
- Will always have an approved adult present to help if the Family Minister is unavailable.

Please submit application by April 18th.

For More information please contact:

Brant Olivarri
Minister to families